Have you set your New Year's resolutions yet? Here are everyone's new year goals: ‘start exercising again’ or ‘start running’. Congratulations! This is the most important step to start exercising again. The following substantial question is how you are going to start exercising. In this blog, we take you into the world of sports; why you should start and how you can best exercise. Because we at Lavenus also started exercising (and we still like it!).

Start exercise: why exercise is healthy

One thinks it's hell; the other really likes it: doing sports. You probably don't like sports, and that's why you're reading this article. You know that exercising is healthy, but your laziness wins every time. Still, we want to tell you that exercising is very healthy for you for various reasons. Doing exercise helps prevent obesity and has a positive effect on your mental health. In addition, it reduces stress and back problems and helps maintain a healthy weight. Enough reasons to start exercising again!

Tips to start exercising

Exercising from January 1st seems an impossible task. Still, there are some ways to start exercising efficiently. We have listed several sports tips for you.

Tip 1: Better together

You know that uncomfortable feeling when you've been walking into the gym alone for weeks? You feel watched and insecure. But you are not alone – find a fellow sufferer! It has been scientifically proven that exercising together produces better results than achieving your goals on your own. Sports is a broad activity with different options for everyone, and that is why you can always find a sports buddy! Ask your best friend or make friends at the gym. You can create a sports schedule together and agree on which days you go to the gym. You will see that you grow together and that you can eventually find enough motivation to start exercising alone!

Tip 2: Make an overview of the pros and cons of exercising

Is it really necessary to make a list of the pros and cons of sports? Don't I just have that list in my head? That's right, but it has been proven that writing down pros and cons can be beneficial. Sit down and try to make such a list. You will see that despite some disadvantages, many more advantages will be found! This will definitely motivate you to start exercising.

Tip 3: Feel comfortable while exercising

During exercise, it is essential to feel comfortable and pleasant. This way, you make exercising much more attractive and visiting the gym more fun. So, to begin with, it is important to purchase the right sports accessories for an optimal workout. But the most important thing is the sportswear! You could, of course, exercise in your old sportswear from 2005, but new sportswear that makes you feel good makes exercising much more fun! Therefore, excellent fit and comfort sportswear is essential for a pleasant sports session. At Lavenus, we know this all too well, so we have developed the perfect sports sets for you. View them here.

How to start running

After giving general sports tips, we also want to discuss starting running. You may have chosen running as your new challenge of 2023. Because starting running can be difficult, we give a few tips:

Tip 1: Buy good shoes and running clothes

The most important tip for starting running: buy comfortable running shoes! Don't consider this a luxury because running shoes ensure your knees are protected and you avoid all kinds of nasty injuries.

Tip 2: Build it up slowly

With running, it is very important to start slowly. Do you want to prevent injuries? Then start with a short workout twice a week, of which you gradually build up the intensity.

Tip 3: Never forget the warming up and cooling down!

Before you start running fanatically, it is recommendable to walk for five minutes first. You do this to warm up your body and prevent injuries. Do the same after training to cool down your body.

Tip 4: Take injuries seriously

Do you feel an injury to your ankle or shin coming on? After a few weeks of running, most runners can get some injuries. Really normal, but It is important to take a good rest and listen to your body.

Fitness for beginners

Nothing is as complicated as starting with fitness without experience. You feel inexperienced and stupid. However, you should take the first step towards strength training and cardio because this is very good for your body. A training schedule is a great way to shape your training. There are special schedules for beginners, but also for advanced people. You can set up such training yourself, but it can also be a good idea to do it with a professional. Besides that, don't go too fast immediately, but slowly build up the training schedule. And for motivation: all professional athletes started as beginners at some point.

Doing exercise with Lavenus

We can help you start exercising! At Lavenus, we know how difficult it can sometimes be to take the first step to the gym. That is why we have developed sportswear that helps you with a pleasant exercise experience. All in order to make you start exercising in 2023!

Our sportswear is comfortable and accessible. But what does this approach to sportswear mean? First, we wish everyone the feeling of freedom during sports, regardless of age or body type. Everyone has the right to claim their space in the gym.

So write 'start exercising' on your New Year's resolution list and join our sportive community!


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