Deadlift competition in collaboration with Supergym

What?: Deadlift competition
When?: 6th of February
Where?: Supergym Rijswijk
Time?: 1 PM – 6 PM
Prize?: Free sports for a month at Supergym + shop credit Lavenus

Deadlift competition

On February 6th, we are organizing an event with Supergym to test your strengths! And what's better than doing that with a deadlift? The event 'so you think you can deadlift?' will take place at Supergym in Rijswijk between 13:00 and 18:00. Are you a member of Supergym? Then try to set the new deadlift record and become a superdeadlifter! Watch the video about the event bellow and read further for more information.

How does the event work?

Who doesn't know the famous deadlift? The deadlift is an indicator of man's strength. During the event, the Supergym members can compete against each other; who can deadlift the most kilos? The event will be split into a women's and a men's ranking. The first person who successfully deadlift sets the record. Then, for a new record, the next person in line must deadlift heavier than the previous record holder.

What is a correct deadlift? The rules explained

To ensure that the record attempt goes smoothly, we adhere to the following deadlift criteria:

1. The bar must only go down once it reaches the end position.
2. The participant must stand upright with shoulders to the back.
3. After the lift, the participant must stand with the knees straight.
4. The participant cannot rest the bar on the thighs while lifting.
5. The participant must not step forward or backward or move the feet sideways during the 'up phase'.
6. The participant must return the bar to the floor while maintaining control with both hands.
7. Only conventional deadlift is allowed.

A deadlift, therefore, only counts if it meets the criteria, the referee will keep an eye on it all the time.

What can I win?

Why would you participate? Well, because there are several fabulous prizes to be won! Take a look:

Supergym: Both the winners of the men's and women's competitions receive a free montly sports pass to be used at Supergym. On to more deadlifts!

Lavenus: Each time the record is broken, the participant will receive the weight of the deadlift in shop credit at Lavenus. Let’s say that the record is 120 kg; then the participant receives € 120 in shopping credit. Definitely, worth a try, we think!

Will we see you at Supergym on February 6? Register here! (not required, but helpful).


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