Founded with love. passion. purpose. love.

The Lavenus adventure started when we noticed the need for something special, something different in terms of daily/athleisure and sportswear. Lavenus exists because here at team Lavenus, we believe it’s time to break free, break all of the old boundaries and manipulated beauty standards. We are the Lavenus team, and we believe in our slogan, which is ‘’Love yourself and live the life you deserve!’’ Once you are completely in love with yourself and satisfied with who you are, you can start to share that love with others as well.

What We Stand For

Here at Lavenus, we researched sportswear extensively: at the gym, at home, and on the streets. We listened to everybody’s problems, and then we came up with our improved and innovated version of sportswear. We decided that, if it’s comfortable, why shouldn’t you feel free to wear it everywhere? If the sportswear makes you feel sexy and feel good about yourself, why not share this with everybody? Our company policy is to reinvent sportswear and make it accessible to everyone, no matter their color, age, or body type.

Our goal is to grow Lavenus as a community and reinvent the names and relationships we hold with sportswear. For that reason, we’ve decided not to call you a customer at our office, but instead, we consider you a ‘’Lavenusori / Lavenusora.’’ As a member of team Lavenus, we want you to think with us and be part of our community; therefore, please feel free to send any ideas or problems you have to so we can work this in. We invite you to think with us and be part of the plan.

Every success story is unique in its own way, but this sense of striving to excel, this drive to move ahead at Lavenus, is only enjoyable if we can share it with others. Therefore, with all our hearts, we welcome you here at Lavenus.

Design Process & Production

At Lavenus, we ensure that all of our products are of the highest caliber. Our designs go through consistent quality testing and control to achieve this. Firstly, our founder, Mr. Lavenus, will hand-draw and design all of these pieces. We will then transfer them across to Adobe Illustrator. After the designs are submitted to our manufacturers, and go through roughly 3-4 rounds of sampling, we will confirm our products for final design. This is all done locally in The Netherlands. Next thing you know, you have a beautifully tailored new fit waiting for you on your doorstep.

All our manufacturers are located in People's Republic of China. We’ve ensured that all the workers in our manufacturer’s facilities are paid fair European living wages, have safe working conditions and treated ethically according to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. All our manufacturing partners are also GRS and BSCI certified. Additionally, we’ve ensured that all our manufacturers function in line with the Supplier Code of Conduct of Lavenus.


We at Lavenus recognize the harmful effects that mass production has on the environment. We are conscious of our company’s carbon footprint and are constantly working on becoming more sustainable. Our mission is to continue providing high quality, affordable apparel for our valued customers while ensuring ethical manufacturing practices. We want to maintain transparency around our current manufacturing processes and around our initiatives to shift to becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly company.

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