Procrastination, we all suffer from it from time to time. Procrastination on exercise is definitely the most common. Sweating and exercising are not your biggest struggles. But starting that workout, that's the main obstacle! With the result that you don’t go to the gym until many hours later, or that you decide to not go at all. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to get rid of procrastination behavior. To do so, you first need to know the reasons behind this unnecessary behavior pattern. In this blog we’ll tell you more about the psychology behind procrastination and how you can easily start to enjoy exercising!

Workout procrastination

Procrastination means putting off actions that you need to do. It's raining, my bed is too comfortable, I'll go to the gym tomorrow, I still have sore muscles from yesterday, all recognizable procrastination excuses when planning on doing a workout. Did you know that these thoughts get in the way of your sports goals and dreams? It is not only bad for your physical health, but also for your mental health. You’ll feel less fit, you’ll feel lazy and unmotivated, and the procrastination will get worse. And then unfortunately… The next step after procrastination is cancellation. However, you don’t want this to happen, so keep on reading about the causes of procrastination and find out tips to get rid of it.

Why do we procrastinate?

At first, postponing your workout might feel nice. You’re going to do something else that you think you’ll enjoy more, like watching Netflix, for example. But in the end, feelings of regret will creep up on you. This is all part of the psychology behind procrastination. Procrastination behavior is a self-destructive behavior pattern that is based on short term individual benefits. You know that exercising is the best option in the long-term, but you still choose the most comfortable option to please your short-term needs. Did you know that 20% of people even suffer from chronic sport procrastination? The causes of procrastination vary widely. Sometimes you simply don't feel like going to the gym, you might suffer from fear of failure, or you find other things more important. Fortunately, in most cases you can easily get rid of this behavior and you’ll soon head to the gym with a smile on your face!

How to stop procrastinating

How do we get rid of procrastination? At Lavenus we know the concept of sports procrastination very well. That’s why we've listed some great tips for all procrastinators. The gym is waiting for us!

Tip 1: Examine your workout procrastination

Your workout procrastination has a cause and doesn’t just happen out of the blue. Why don't you want to get out of bed in the morning to go to the gym? Maybe you don't know how to start your new workout schedule, you might even be too strict on yourself or you are scared to go to the gym. These reasons can be very personal and sometimes confronting. But this is the first step to get rid of your procrastination behavior!

Tip 2: Set achievable goals (and write them down!)

Setting exercise goals motivates a lot of people. But make sure that these goals are achievable. It is also important that these goals are YOUR goals and not someone else's. Otherwise you will lose your motivation for exercising in no time and your procrastination behavior will come into play again. Therefore, listen to your body. Research has also shown that writing down your exercise goals helps to actually achieve them. By the way, achievable does not necessarily mean easy! You can challenge yourself and have even more fun while exercising.

Tip 3: Choose the sport that suits you

Working out can really be fun, if you choose the right sport in the right form. You may have been trying to attend a workout class at the gym for weeks without success. Try to exercise with the right fitness equipment! Do you secretly dislike playing padel? Then try another sport that suits you better! Luckily, doing exercise is a broad activity with different options for everyone.

Tip 4: Be kind to yourself

Didn’t you manage to get out of bed? Don't get stuck in this victim mode, but acknowledge your procrastination! Did you know that a new habit becomes part of your routine after 21 days? So no reason to be disappointed, but a reason to keep trying! This is also exactly in line with our motto: “Love yourself and live the life you deserve!”.

Tip 5: Feel comfortable

While exercising, it is essential to feel comfortable and sexy. This is how you’ll make exercising much more comfortable and visiting the gym much more enjoyable. To start with, it is important to purchase the right sports accessories for an optimal workout. But the most important thing is the sportswear! Do you remember your last sportswear purchase? Did you enjoy going to the gym afterwards? We did! Comfortable sportswear with an excellent fit are therefore essential for an enjoyable workout.

Stop procrastination with Lavenus

Luckily, we can help you with this! At Lavenus we know how difficult it is to take the first step to go to the gym. That is why we have developed sportswear that helps you with an optimal experience during exercising. We believe in a different approach to sportswear and sports. We strive for comfortable and accessible sportswear, regardless of your age, color, and body type. We want to give everyone the feeling of freedom during exercise. You, too, have the right to feel free and to claim your space! We decided not to call you a customer but Lavenusori / Lavenusora instead. Because we are not only looking for people who buy and wear our sportswear, but also people who think along with us.

Take part in our sporting community and together we can turn our annoying procrastination behavior into action. Stop procrastinating and start a new lifestyle full of positive energy!


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